Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Day One of Holiday Crafting...

CHeck out all my raw materials. What a mess!

I cut out and pinned 18 pairs of boxers, made one hat and started a pair of mittens yesterday. I also donated all the shirts (a rather large stash) that wouldn't be made into boxers. The cleared space almost made me happier than getting the boxers cut out.

In keeping with the season, while being inspired by Chile's ever present need to clear clutter, I also put together a bag of clothing that's being picked up today by a family in need. I can't justify having spare, spare coats (yes, that's two spares) when other people are in need of one. It feels good to help in whatever small way that I can.

Today, I plan to get some sewing done on the boxers and maybe finish up a mitten or two. If things go well, I may start another hat. I know I'll be sitting and waiting for at least 1 1/2 hours later today so I'll save knitting for then (it's portable) and I'll focus on sewing now (because it's not).

BTW, for anyone in search of a simple mitten pattern, check this one out. It's super simple and she even says in the materials description, a great project for using up leftovers! What more can a frugal gal ask for??

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Ruthie said...

Katie ~

You've inspired me to start my holiday crafts!!! :)

Question: Do I remember you saying you have a subscription to Mother Earth News? If you do, there is an article I read in line at Lowe's once and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Would you willing to trade me something for that issue??