Sunday, December 18, 2005

Busy Little Elves

Its very busy around here. Everyone seems to have a project that they are working on. Jim is putting together his first batch of homemade wine. The girls are working with the boys on a present for Jim and I. I'm alternating between doing laundry and working on holiday presents.

So far I have two bathrobes personalized, one with a name the other with a name and picture of a dog that looks remarkably like ours. The picture was scavenged off a never worn tshirt that my sister was getting rid of. I'm currently working on a belt for a robe that was missing one. There's definitely a bathrobe/sleepwear theme going on this Christmas.

The pumpkin butter was pretty good. We used it to top pancakes, in place of apple butter in the Apple Butter Pull Aparts recipe and my sons ate it out of a bowl as is.

I'm going to go with some lentils for dinner. We need a quick cooking meal.

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