Monday, December 19, 2005

We've Run Out of Pasta!!

We ran out of pasta last week, talk about inconvenient timing. Our food cooperative order is scheduled to arrive on 12/24. The challenge, can I make it to Saturday without any pasta in the house?

Since both of my quickie meals rely on pasta (Mac Uncheese and Peanut Noodles), I need a quickie alternative. I've set my sights on bulgur. I don't think it would be partcularly good in either of my quickie meals but it does cook quickly and the grains stay seperate, unlike millet which always winds up a gummy mess in my house.

Last night I tried this substitution in a recipe from the Vegetarian Resource Group for skillet macaroni with tvp and sauce. It actally substituted very nicely, almost better than the original. I've found in the past pasta can get gummy in this recipe.


Ruthie said...

Katie ~

Have you tried the bean & rice dish on the Tightwad Gazette? It uses a pressure cooker, but it's really fast & yummy. We use the pressure cooker all the time for beans and rice... we just mix them together and cook.

The Tightwad Gazette's Universal Pilaf is also quite good. :)

We also bake potatoes in the microwave in a hurry, and we can pull together a vegetable topped pizza pretty fast. :)

Best of luck,

Katie said...

I haven't tried those two recipes yet. I just about finished rereading the Complete Tightwad Gazette and came across both recipes. I might give the beans and rice a try tonight.

My stash of pizza dough has run out. Once I restock it, pizza is a great quickie meal for us as well.