Monday, December 05, 2005

Holiday Ideas

Yesterday I made two big batches of granola. It was a nice change from muffins for breakfast, although it does require more time to eat. Today I've got to make bread, I meant to yesterday but the holiday crafting began and took longer than I anticipated. You just can't walk away from a 5 & 6 year old who are wielding sponges and craft paint.

This year we wanted to give something that was not only frugal but useful. That can be a struggle, useless crap is cheap, easy to make and easy to give. Jim helped me come up with a really good idea that takes advantage of materials we already have on hand and also shares a little piece of our philosophy. Hey Audrey if you're reading, skip this part for now. We're making placemats and matching (or possibly complementing colors) napkins. The whole family will have a role in their production. Jim even offered to sew!

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Harmonia said...

What is your recipe for granola? I have been pondering trying to make it.