Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gooey Squash

Yesterday afternoon I discovered that one of the butternut squash in the basement had gotten all gooey. That one went out to the compost bin and the other eleven got cut in half and baked. We had some with dinner. They were so delicious that we just ate them plain. I think everyone assumed I had put some margarine on it but I hadn't.

The rest were scraped out and put into a bowl in the fridge. I made squash biscuits this morning and I'll probably make some muffins tomorrow. The rest will get frozen in the amounts that I commonly use.

I just put some chick peas up to soak. I'll be making the chickpea and greens soup tonight. I'm going to see if I can sneak in some of those not so favorite greens. Later today I will be baking bread. The upswing of this is the heat of the oven will be welcome. Its mighty cold in NY right now.

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