Saturday, December 31, 2005

How'd We Do With Our Goals for 2005?

Here's a quote from my blog this time last year:

So what's in store for 2005? I'm hoping to get more earth friendly and decrease my global footprint even more. Solar ovens, compost tumblers, and rain barrels are all things I'll be exploring. Planning our retirement home and life is also on my mind even though I'm only 34 and my hubby is only 39. The choices we make now will forever impact how and when we are able to live our work free years. I'll also be reading and trying out new recipes, especially ones written about lean times. One of the most creative cookbooks I came across was Grandma's Wartime Kitchen. It certainly wasn't veg but there were some great veg recipes in there.

We did use solar cookers this summer with pretty good success. Using a solar cooker is very similar to using a slow cooker. We'll definitely be using solar cookers again this summer and perhaps even earlier in the season.

The compost tumbler plan was aborted in favor of the worm bin (check out the archives for Monday May 23rd). I couldn't bear to spend the money on the compost tumbler. I'm really pleased with the worm bin. Those little guys are still eating away in their winter domain (a huge old cooler in our basement). They were instrumental in the success of our container gardening this past summer.

I never got around to doing anything with the rain barrel but I'm still planning to give that a try.

Planning our retirement is still high on our list of priorities. We used this year to take a hard look at where we are and where we'd like to be. Aside from the obvious things like paying off debt, things like planting the currant bushes, making plumbing repairs and insulating the attic at the cabin all tie into this. We want to get the big expenses out of the way while we are still working. We still don't have an exact timeline on this but in 2006 we will continue to solidify our plans. Spending the summer here really helped us realize that we could live happily in a smaller, simpler house in a smaller, slower community.

As for reading and trying new recipes, for me this is a joy and there will be more of that in 2006 as well.

When I teach Yogaball, I end our meditation with this thought:

Remember that yoga is a practice and there is something to be learned each and every time we practice, both in our successes and the things that continue to challenge us.

I think this applies to frugal living as well. Happy New Year to all!


Jacq said...

Katie, my husband is well known around here as a compost expert. He actually had a large pilot vermicomposting (worms) project that collected all the organic refuse from the local grocery stores and composted it. It worked very well but he ran into the NIMBY problem and they couldn't find a permanent home for the operation. Congrats on your success with this at home! We have a regular composter here at home but I have been composting for 13 years now. Long before it was cool. LOL

We are also very into environmental issues. My dh is an environmental technologist (or professional treehugger). :)

Katie said...

Professional tree hugger, I love that! He's just ahead of his time.