Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Successful Holiday Gift

Yesterday was the first of outing of this years handmade holiday presents. Naturally, I was up completing it Tuesday evening when I should have been sleeping but I'm a born procrastinator. These gifts were for three special coworkers at the preschool where I do a nutrition program. (BTW, I don't personally think every coworker needs a gift but these ladies are more longtime friends than coworkers.)

I made them a quilted potholder each using multicultural angel fabric and a blanket for the batting. I already had both of the raw materials on hand so the cash outlay was nil. I used three of the flower pots that my sons painted this weekend and a candy cane. The pot holder was folded into quarters and stuffed into the flower pot so it looked much like a flower. The candy cane was inserted next to it. It didn't look like anything in particular but it added a nice touch.

I added this message to the tag:

Here's a pot holder for all the wonderful things you cook this holiday season, a candy cane to sweeten things and a flower pot to help remind you that spring will be here eventually!

This was perfect because all of these ladies like to cook and garden and none of them like the cold weather.


Audrey said...

That sounds very nice! Mike and I certainly enjoyed our Christmas card - it was reaaly special!

Katie said...

Thanks Audrey!