Thursday, March 22, 2007

Canning vs Freezing Plus a Knitting Revelation

Things have been very busy lately and my cooking has not been blogworthy. We're relying on old favorites and things that can be thrown together quickly. My quest to empty the freezer has almost been realized. There are only two containers of frozen pumkin/squash and just 4 frozen apple butter left. I've broken down and gone to the grocery store to get some much needed variety back.

Having canned the applesauce two years ago and frozen the apple butter this past year, I've decided I prefer canning. First, because you don't have to worry about defrosting it before you use it. Second, because I think its easier to organize. Canning jars are obviously see through, which helps you do an inventory at a glance each time you enter the pantry or cabinet. The freezer holds more mystery and therefore more aggravation. Third, I have a small chest freezer and really could use the room for other foods that don't can well.

I've promised myself that I will once again find time to can the apples we pick this fall. I also plan to can my tomatoes as well, another thing I didn't get to this past year. I refuse to continue to compromise the things that are important to me all in the name of my job.

I have just one more knitting class left. I've been gathering simple patterns and I bombarded the teacher with questions about reading the patterns last night. I've been making a dishcloth with the cotton yarn that I got at the thrift store. I was a little embarassed to say what it was but when I confessed, I discovered my teacher was a cotton dish cloth making junkie herself! Other class members, who are far more talented/experienced knitters than myself, were shocked that you would use something like this to wash dishes but our teacher assured us they work beautifully and wash beautifully too.

I have a simple, so they say, pattern for a baby blanket that I'd like to make for my brothers baby that's due in late April. I bought the yarn when my sister-in-law was pregnant with my niece, who turned two in December. I think I've worked up enough nerve to give it a try. At least if I start it this weekend I can ask the teacher questions at our last class next week.

Today's supposed to be my day off but I'm teaching two senior citizen fitness programs in an hour. Its not a big deal but this is the kind of thing that's making me very weary of my job. There's always another commitment/favor/volunteer opportunity that's not a big deal but steals more time than I have to give. The odd thing is, I say no very often. I can't imagine how I would be feeling if I said yes to more of these events.


Anonymous said...

Katie: I'm a cotton dishcloth knitter (sadly it is the only thing I can knit) and user. Every year I give all the girls in my office one or two for Christmas. It is something they all come to look forward to. People love using them. Keep up the good work.

KleoPatra said...

I am so inspired by your freezer-cleaning quest! I need to do that in the worst way. But of course i just keep buying stuff and then using everything in the front so all the items that were shoved back, stay back!!

Does frozen apple butter keep the same consistency after freezing?!

This is a mantra i can relate to and love:

"I refuse to continue to compromise the things that are important to me all in the name of my job."


Sandra said...

I love knitting and using cotton dishcloths....

Sandra said...

Here's a pic of some washcloths I've made...

Katie said...

I'm tickled to discover more cotton dishcloth knitters! I love the idea of giving them as Christmas gifts.

Mine are no where near as lovely as the ones Sandratee made. Right now I'm just excited that my stitches are even.

The frozen apple butter seems to basically keep the same consistency. (My son will still eat it with a spoon out of the container even after its been frozen.)

I'm glad you like my mantra!

Apun Ka Desh said...

Katie> How do you 'can' food? All by yourself, or do you have some equipment or special insights? or are their special 'can' jars?

W.r.t preservation which works better -'can' or 'freeze'?

Sheree' said...

Well, I think the dishcloths sound wonderful. I can't knit. I can crochet like a mad woman, but knitting is beyond me.(at least it was 20 years ago, that is the last time I tried)

Thanks to your previous post we too have been cleaning out our freezer. We are down to slim pick'ns. Some cranberries, blueberries, nuts, bean flour and wraps. DH and I are most likely going to go shopping this weekend. It is time.