Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Freebies

In light of the recent pet food recalls and the comments of a recent Cornell vetrinary School graduate on my local public radio station, I thought I'd dedicate todays Friday Freebies to homemade pet food. I must confess that I do not make any of my pets food but I do think its an interesting idea.

How to make homemade cat food

How to make homemade dog food

How to make your own pet food recipes

I'm not sure how I feel about vegan/vegetarian dog/cat food so I'm planning to look at links for this a little more closely before adding them to this list.

1 comment:

Mom2fur said...

You should never put a cat on a vegetarian diet. Cats are what is known as 'obligate carnivores,' which means that there are nutrients that they can only get through meat. I like these recipe ideas, especially the ratios given. My cats are only into one kind of food, but my dog is a piggie who'll eat anything. I swear, he even likes salad. I'm going to try to keep his diet balanced as shown in the articles. Thanks!