Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Knitting the Time Away

I spent about an hour and a half getting my car serviced yesterday. On the one hand, I got a lot of knitting done and my knitting project sparked some fun conversations, which made the time pass. On the other hand, they had Fox news on the whole time I was there. I'm continually amazed at the opinions that Fox passes off as factual news. If the devil exists, I'm pretty sure he works for Fox.

In comparing my knitting and crocheting efforts, it seems in knitting it is easier to keep stitches uniform but that could just be because I have to pay so much attention to the process of knitting. Either way, its exciting to see a project begin to take shape.

I did have one setback. I tried to save a little time by only rolling half of the skein of yarn into a ball (since the project requires knitting with two strands but only uses one giant skein of yarn, rolling it into a ball was necessary.) Unfortunately, the portion that I didn't roll into a ball became a tangled mess and I had to spend almost 45 minutes untangling and rolling it. I won't make that mistake twice!

Today is my long day at work. The sunshine, warm air and promise of summer is making it harder and harder to go to work! This weekend we'll plant part of our container garden. We're already behind on parts of it!


Sandra said...

I always carry a knitting project with me when I think I'll have to wait a while!

KleoPatra said...

I had to laugh about Fox... there are skewed nooz places and there are skewed nooz places... for sure!