Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Freebies

Its an unusual Friday at our house. I've been up since 5:45am and although its only 7:15 now, I've already gotten two loads of laundry done. I'm freaking myself out a bit with all this productivity. I'm not a morning person at all. I'd rather stay up all night than get up this early but with Jim getting up at 5:00am most mornings so he can head to the Y for a pre-work workout, its seems the only fair thing to do.

There's also the fact that my two sons have a knack for getting into trouble if I try to shower once they're awake. Yeserday's extravaganza included making a "volcano" using tonic water, tap water, quite a bit of dishwashing liquid and a bottle brush. It seems Robs teacher demonstrated the kinetic energy of a volcano using Mentos and cola. Rob was trying to duplicate the experiment at home. Having sons teaches you to look at the world in an entirely different light!

So here I sit, already showered, although still in my bathrobe. Getting totally dressed for work seems like a huge commitment right now. In keeping with my current knitting jag, todays links will feature knitted granny squares. Traditionally, however, granny squares are chrocheted. I just can't seem to master the crocheted version.

The idea behind the granny square, whether knitted or chrocheted is twofold. First, it provides you a project that makes use of small amounts of leftover yarn, making it a truly frugal technique. Second, once you begin to create and accumulate these granny squares, they can be assembled rather quickly to create a last minute, one of a kind gift.

7 Inch Seed Stitch/Basketweave Square

A More Elaborate Knit Granny Square


Debbie said...

Plus, if you make them out of cotton (dirt cheap) and a bit bigger you can use them as dish/wash cloths -- to lessen the amount of paper towels you might be inclined to use. Well, not you, but other people. It's a fun way to learn new stitches, too.

Katie said...

Great idea! I made my first dish cloth last week.