Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It Can't Be Helped

Last week at yoga, I said, "Hi Barbara, how are you?" to the owner of the yoga studio. She responded that, "Not well, actually." When I said, "I'm sorry to hear that." She responded, "It can't be helped." Later in the evening I overheard her say, "Next week will be better."

Her calm response, impressed me so much. So often at work and at home, things don't go the way I want or need them to but I've yet to master that calm. Honestly, I don't even come close. I want to achieve that level of calm (and that headstand too!)

I've made myself a promise to work on my headstand and shoulder stand each night while focusing on the calm that Barbara exhibited. I've never been good at creating a home yoga practice so this is a real challenge for me but so far I'm doing it.

If Barbara, a breast cancer survivor and business owner, can manage that level of calm, surely I can begin to as well.


Sally JPA said...

That's awesome that she could feel like she could be honest but also was not just whiny (though sometimes a good whine is just what you need ;)).

Katie said...

It was awesome. SHe was just so matter of fact about it. I lean more towards whiny myself.