Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Soups and Blankets

The verdict is in on the Fennel Bulb Navy Bean Soup that I made this weekend. It was a hit! The recipe appeared on The Vegetarian Group. I used the fennel bulb and stalks as the recipe says and it was delicious. Jim even volunteered to take it for lunch today. Here's the link to the recipe. If you haven't checked out this yahoo group yet, do it!! Its a great resource, especially with CSA and farmers market season just around the corner.

I finally started the baby blanket I mentioned the other day. My car is going in for an oil change and inspection this afternoon. Since I'll be a prisoner of the service station, I'm bringing this project and hoping to make some real progress. I think the hardest part is reading the pattern with confidence (ie, trusting that you know what the abbreviations mean.) This should certainly be simple enough since there is an abbreviation key on every pattern but still I get antsy.

The pattern calls for knitting with two strands of yard, which I've never done before. It seems to make it easier to drop 1/2 a stitch, if such a thing is even possible!

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