Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wandering Thoughts

I'm stuck at home today, all day. Jim's car is in for service so Jim took my minivan to work. Honestly, I'm thrilled. I haven't spent a day at home since last summer. I've been giggly about it since last night. My plans for the day are pretty humble, a little laundry, a little cooking, maybe a little knitting and a little reading. I haven't even turned music on yet, I'm just enjoying the quiet that's only interupted by the jingling of the dogs' tags.

We watched a documentary last night called Walmart the High Cost of Low Prices. It reinforced what I already had realized about places like Walmart, if things are too cheap to be true, somebody is suffering somewhere. I personally turned my back on the Walmart experience about 2 years ago. No low price is worth the lack of customer service that I experienced there.

On a related note, Friday Freebies will officially begin to focus more on free resources rather than free things. I think knowledge is more valuable than stuff anyday. Now that I'm 5 weeks into my knitting class, I'm on a quest for simple knitting patterns to try. I hit the jackpot last weekend and found some brand new cotton yarn at a thrift store that was having a bag sale. I plan on trying to make the knitted dish cloths that I saw here and here.

Leen's been on a quest to take pictures of Mel and Biscuit like The Dog. I think she did a pretty good job. Here's Biscuit

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