Monday, June 18, 2007

New Handles for my Sewing Scissors

We've begun week two of Jim's night shifts. We're all delerious. House painting continues but its a slow go. At least the priming is all done. Since the primer is tinted the same as the house paint, the house doesn't look so horrid from the street anymore.

I had a minor personal triumph Friday when I was able to reconstruct the handle of my sewing scissors with duct tape. Biscuit used them as a chew toy leaving most of the plastic handle missing.

I started by figuring out how long of a piece I needed and rolling the duct tape into a thin strip. Then I taped the thin strip to the existing handle and just kept winding the duct tape around until I had made it the proper width. The result is amazingly functional. I was really shocked that it worked so well.


Rachael said...

heh, I just bought a roll of purple "duck" tape to repair/replace a ripped bike handle cover. $2.19 for a roll of tape that I will be able to use for the handles and numerous other projects, or $9.99 for new handle covers? gee, I wonder. Duct tape is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Good job! And it's pretty neat that duct tape comes in so many colors now. The gal I saw yesterday with her black boots held together with gray duct tape might want to take a fashion hint from Rachael.