Thursday, October 09, 2008

Falling Into the Rhythm of Fall

Today the kids are off and we've embarked on a general cleaning and food preservation spree. There are a ton of apples cooking down on the stove. The rest are in the food dehydrator. Cuban black beans simmering in the slow cooker. Tomatillo salsa is simmering away awaiting the addition of cilantro. Some of this salsa will be used with the Cuban black beans for dinner tonight while the rest will go into the freezer for a special wintertime treat. Later on I will tackle the many beets that have begun to accumulate in my refrigerator.

The swirling smells of apples and salsa are a fine complement to the whirring of the vacuum as we try to keep the dog hair at bay. Throw in a little music and we're making some good progress and having a pretty good time.

This is the time of year to sip your coffee and get yourself organized for the winter. My goal is to make most of the things that we'll need for winter. I'm already on my third pair of scrap yarn mittens. What are you doing to get ready for winter?


Anonymous said...

Yum--I am actually jealous of your cooking and cleaning day! Everything sounds great. Do you have a recipe for the cuban black beans in the crock-pot? They sound really good!


Katie said...

I just use the Cuban black bean recipe I posted here but I sautee the onion and garlic in a frying pan and then toss it along with everything else into the slow cooker. It comes out great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I love my crock-pot, and I am always looking for recipes to use in it!