Thursday, October 02, 2008

Useless Bits Turn Fabulous with Felting

This is part of the pile of yarn pieces that I mentioned a while back. On the left side there are two balls of what looks like multicolored yarn. Actually, I've been knotting the small pieces together making two nearly identical yarn balls.

I gave this mitten pattern a try because it looked simple, had no gauge and I already had the double pointed needles needed to do it. I was really skeptical. There were knots everywhere and I couldn't imagine that felting was going to help much. Plus the mittens looked huge, even though I knew they would shrink significantly.

To actually felt them, I just threw them in with the 3 laundries that I did one day. That seemed to work out well because they shrunk down enough to fit my hand. I spent some time trimming the loose ends but here's the finished product.

I'm pleased with the way they came out. They are definitely thick, warm and a great use of little yarn pieces. The pattern on them is a result of the way I tied the yarn pieces together. The knitting pattern was definitely an easy one to follow. Best of all, the knots are barely noticeable in the finished product, although, I plan to pull all the knots through to the inside of the mitten on the next pair I make.

So now I'm putting together the remaining yarn bits for the next pair.


Ruthie said...

oh my goodness that looks like so much work

they turned out EXCELLENT

Katie said...

Knotting the yarn is a bit tedious but it's also exciting because you get to make your own color pattern. Or perhaps it's totally tedious and I just lost my mind along the way.


I went out and bought a knitting book because of your great posts. You inspire ME!!