Friday, October 31, 2008

Do You Have a Drooling Problem?

I've got just a few short hours to get things organized before the Halloween mayhem starts. I'm in denial. At least the candy has already been bought and the costumes are more or less figured out. Can you tell I'm not a huge Halloween fan?

Here's the bib I just finished making for my new nephew using the pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting (The pattern isn't on the blog, it's in the book). I decided to add a border around the edge which made a simple pattern a lot more complicated, thanks to a lot of tangly yarn.

I decided to go the whole distance and make a matching burp cloth, also from a pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting. Here they are together.

I really like the color combination. It felt like a very fall color choice. I just enjoy knitting things and trying to personalize them to their intended recipients. I really hope the people I give them to enjoy using them. I think the worst is when people think the hand knit things you give them are too "nice" to use. (Dish cloths often fall into this category.)

Now I'm off to make some caramel popcorn using the recipe in The Tightwad Gazette.


Ruthie said...

Those look GREAT!!

My sis is here and just loved the pot holders you made us. :o) I told her to check out your blog for the tutorial.

Katie said...

Thanks Ruthie but I'm thinking your sister sews enough that she doesn't need my dinky tutorial!