Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chick Peas

I love chick peas! Today as part of my preschool nutrition program we made hummus and served it with pretzels. For tonight's dinner we'll be mashing up some of those chick peas, adding a little vegan mayo, garlic powder and lemon juice and serving the whole concoction on toast. We'll have leftover vegetable soup on the side.

The last regular CSA pick up was pretty big. I'm going to try to use the greens in this batch first to avoid a total glut of greens in the freezer. I'll be planning my meals for the rest of the week around the greens. Tomorrow night will probably be some type of Chinese food, probably Vegan Fried Rice. That will allow me to use quite a bit of the greens as well as some of the chick peas. I'll share my recipe tomorrow morning.


Ruthie said...


I love chickpea tuna salad (mashed cp with mayo and spices)! Some of my favorite additions are: diced dill pickles or sweet pickle relish, diced sweet onion, radishes, cucumber or celery, grated carrots, diced cooked beets (turns everything purple), diced raw, peeled, broccoli stems. For some reason, I always want to add something crunchy. :)

How It All Vegan suggests a pinch of kelp powder to make it of-the-sea tasting. I used it for awhile but decided it wasn't worth it. :) I love chickpea tuna for it's decisively nonfish taste.

Katie said...

Hi Ruthie,

I like a little crunch as well. All of those things sound yummy. Adding kelp powder never sounded appealing to me. Even when I ate tuna, I didn't like the fishy taste!