Friday, November 18, 2005

Using Leftovers to Make Yummy Patties

Last night's dinner was quite an entertaining mish mash that, in the end, pulled together nicely. We had leftover Mac Uncheese, baked potato and vegetable soup. Everyone seems to love baked potatoes in our house.

However, it didn't use any greens but thanks to Ruthie reminding me, we're having the garbonzo and greens soup concoction from my Wednesday, October 12, 2005 post (check out the archives.)

This morning I took some baked squash seeds that had been languishing about and ground them down in the blender. I added this to some leftover Lentil Soup, a tiny bit of split pea soup and what little remained of last night's vegetable soup. I added a scoop of peanut butter, a squirt of Bragg's and some flax seed meal mixed with water to bind the whole thing together. I plopped scoops down on my cast iron griddle. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, knowing that ketchup would cover almost any disaster I had caused. The end result was a tasty little patty that I liked with mustard rather than ketchup.

The secret to concocting something like this is to taste along the way and, unless you're sure you love what you're adding, only make small additions. I'll serve the rest of these with tonight's dinner.


Jacq said...

Hi Katie,

Last night was a choice between leftover fried rice or leftover corn (and lima bean) chowder. It was a nice quick meal and everyone was happy. It also got us on the road for Tae Kwon Do in record time. :)

I never understood people that didn't like leftovers. I think they are tastier the second time around. :)

Harmonia said...

While blog surfing this morning I saw your blog link under Ruthie's Comments on The Vegan Lunch Box and wanted to visit. Glad I did. I love it here! I am going to link you! And will visit often!

Katie said...

I'm with you Jaqueline! Leftovers are the ultimate convenience food around here!

Welcome Harmonia!