Thursday, November 03, 2005

Homemade Margarine

I'm really enjoying reading Morgan Spurlock's book. He's got a very witty way of getting dry, factual information across.

Today I gave making my own margarine a try. Someone had posted a recipe on one of the lists I belong to and it was too intriguing to pass up. It was actually quite good and based on the prices of the two main ingredients, it cost about $2.25 less than our current margarine. Here's the recipe:

Homemade Margarine
Place 1/2 cup plain soymilk into blender and begin to process on highest setting. While processing, through the hole in the lid, pour in the cup of oil slowly. Continue blending until the hole in the center fills in. Turn off blender and add a tiny bit of tumeric for color, a few drops of lemon juice for freshness I believe, salt to taste (we used about 1/2 tsp of salt.) Blend briefly on low to combine. Pour into airtight container and store in fridge.

We tried this on baked potatoes and it was a big hit. It is not as firm as regular margarine but just as tasty.


Judy386 said...

I always love homemade condiments better than the processed kinds but I never even thought about margarine! What list are you on that you found this? What kind of oil did/can you use or does it matter? Now that the weather is cooler, I'm ready for some cooking and baking. I made pumpkin muffins and jelly muffins (with the homemade blackberry jam I bought) last weekend. Yummy!! Not sure what I'm making this weekend. I'd like to start using my crockpot more - it always smells so good.

Ruthie said...


This is the same recipe I use for soymilk mayo, just delete the tumeric. :-D


Katie said...

Hi Judy,
I found that recipe on the Vegetarian Resource Groups parents list. Here's the link:

I used canola oil but the only recommendation that anyone really had as far as type of oil went was to avoid oils with a strong flavor, like olive oil. At the same time, depending on what you planned to use it on, olive oil might be delicious.

Its so funny that you mentioned your crock pot, I just put up a post that uses a crock pot! Great mind think alike.

I was thinking it had a universal taste that would work like a mayo. I'm thinking, less salt a more mayo flavor, more salt a more margarine flavor. We're just a regular bunch of kitchen chemists!

JMS~JOY in the arts! said...

Could you please print the actual recipe with an ingredients list and amounts? Thank you!

JMS~JOY in the arts! said...

I am wondering if this recipe is in one of Spurlock's books???
I am a bit slow and need an actual ingredient's list and amounts. Thank you. I assume from your paragraph that it is:
1/2 C. (I owuld us coconut or almond milk - allergic to soy)
1C. oil - -sunflower, corn, etc.
maybe a bit of lecithin???

I would sincerely appreciate ANY guidance you can offer.

JMS~JOY in the arts! said...

re the comment:
"I found that recipe on the Vegetarian Resource Groups parents list. Here's the link:"
I went to this link and there was no recipe to be found, just questions about it and more links to more questions about it. Does anyone know the actual recipe ingredients list and proportions? Please!!! Could you please write it here or email me with it??? Thank you.

mothersson2002 said...

I make lots of homeade foods-I had never until now thought of making homeade butter/margarine. Your recipe is so easy and economical. In case anyone reading this is out of the nondairy milk,I did find one recipe though my research on this subject to use water or APPLEjuice instead of the milk.