Thursday, November 17, 2005

Incentives & Food from the Freezer

I taught my last evening nutrition class for the year Wednesday night. I really enjoy sharing info with people but I'm thrilled that I no longer have to run out Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The challenge now is to clean out the bags I use for each course and prep them for February. This will also free me up for a little more creative cooking during the week, which my family will appreciate.

I've continued to dip into the freezer for the last two evenings meals. Tuesday night I dug out a lentil soup, to which I added some millet to make it more substantial. Wednesday I made Mac Uncheese (the recipe is from ). Its a very simple and quick recipe. I added cauliflower and green peppers from the freezer to it, although you could add whatever veggies you like.

In the interest of not ending up with only greens left in the freezer, tonights menu will probably include some greens. (I'm still in the planning stages for tonight's dinner.) Knowing that greens in general are not a family favorite, I'm planning to include a favorite dessert as an incentive just in case the meal is not a hit.


Ruthie said...

Katie, you should TOTALLY make that garbo's and greens soup again soon. I am. I absolutely love it!! :) Thank you so much for inventing it. Did you freeze any kale? I've heard steamed excellent in sandwiches. I've seen that suggested in two cookbooks. :)


Ruthie said...

I know I just commented, but I stumbled upon a super cute blog you should check out! :) It's definately not frugal but very vegan friendly. :)

Katie said...

Ruthie, you're a genius!! I forgot about that recipe. I froze quite a bit of kale. It probably would be good on a sandwich. I love kale and collards because they hold up so well in cooking.

I love Jennifer's blog but if my kids ever see it, I'm doomed!!