Friday, September 15, 2006

The Amazing Dissapearing Chickpeas

The chickpeas never made it into any new recipe at all. A good portion of them were used in the chickpea, greens and bulgur soup that I concocted last year (I know its in the blog archives but I don't have time to find it now. I'll link to it tomorrow.)

The rest of the chickpeas were stuffed into pitas with chopped up tomatoes (some with Nayonaise some without) and used as after school snacks. These were so delicious but I don't think they'd travel well as regular school lunches (too soggy and messy). Its really too bad.

Saturday looks like its going to be wet but Sunday looks dry. We'll hold our tag sale then. I'm not sure what appeals to me more, getting rid of the clutter (its all in a giant box by our basement door) or making a little spare change. We've already agreed whatever doesn't sell is going to the local thrift store. I'll be advertising our tag sale on local tag sale websites thereby avoiding the charge of a newspaper ad.

Here's one from the unplanned expenses file, my clothes dryer is officially dead. This has been the year of the dead household appliance at our house. I had hoped it was just a belt but upon further inspection Jim discovered that the motor is dead. Jim came up with an intriguing idea for disposing of it. He's calling scrap metal dealers to see what they'll give us for it. I'm curious to see what he finds out.

I've got a stuffy head, compliments of my lack of sleep no doubt, so I'll be making some of Cindy O's "Chicken" and Rice Soup for the Soul from La Dolce Vegan to have with dinner tonight.

Tonight we're heading out to our library's annual book sale. Normally I go on their bag day, which is Sunday, but Jim wants first crack at the records and he's willing to pay $1/record so tonight's the night.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. That soup sounds like it will be perfect for what's ailing you!

Our clothes dryer died a couple of weeks ago, but we were able to fix it ourselves (after the repairman came out and diagnosed the problem for us). There's a circuit board inside, just like inside a computer, and it needed to be replaced. Lucky for us it wasn't too expensive and was easy to do.

Good luck with the tag sale and feel better!

Jennifer C.

Taradactyl in a Modern World said...

We are having a year like that too. In the past three months I've had to replace my A/C (I'm in FL), my roof (again, I'm in FL), and this weekend my oven broke. IT happened in the middle of a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies too. I froze the cookie dough and now have to figure out what to do about the oven. I might post on freecycle as a whim. If that doesn't work I usually have good luck at a scratch and dent store here in Orlando. You might check one out for your dryer if you need to.

kleo2 said...

Hope you feel better soon!! And i'll be anxious to hear about your sale. Getting rid of stuff is SO cleansing. (this from someone who holds onto everything, but knows better than to do this!!!)

*HUGS* and good health vibes sent your way...

Katie said...

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. I'm feeling much better.

I got our stove upstate from Freecycle and its a beauty. Its all a matter of asking at a time when somebody has one to give away.