Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Few More Thoughts on Bulk Cooking

Annmarie had a great idea for lessening the load of bulk cooking if the kids aren't involved. She suggested doing it with a friend. That's definitely a win win idea.

I have to clarify a misconception about my families involvement in my first bulk cooking experiment. I wasn't actually ditched in the kitchen while everyone else was having a blast. The kids were less involved because I didn't have a clear picture of how they could best help me. Kids, even teenagers, need a lot of direction in the kitchen and I was too busy sorting out my own thoughts and continually trying to make a plan of action to give them adequate instructions. This should improve as I become clearer in what I need them to do.

Last night's chickpea dish was ok but not worth sharing. Dessert, on the other hand, more than made up for it. For each person, I took a small square of Dr Furhman's Carob Almond Fudge and topped it with the leftover soy ice cream cake. It was decadent but delicious!

Tonight, by popular demand, I'm making Isa's Jerk Seitan. Its so much easier to have the seitan premade rather than trying to make the seitan, marinade it and then cook it in the jerk sauce all in the same day.


Harmonia said...

Is that Dr. Furhman's Carob "jobber" in the Eat To Live book...the recipe I mean? jw.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Katie said...

No, its in Disease Proof Your Child.

Anonymous said...

i'm still dreaming of that soy ice cream cake... and jerk seitan, i keep hearing about it... so good!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the linnks!