Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Economy of Motion

When you have four kids in school, you need four quick breakfasts, four snacks and four lunches everyday. Add in my husband and myself and you're up to six of everything. To make things go more smoothly we rely on big batches of everything.

For example, last night I made a huge batch of Brainless Banana Pancakes from How It All Vegan. Actually, it was 6 times the original recipe. The way I see it, the blender was dirty from pureeing the bananas whether I pureed one banana or six of them. Same goes for the bowl and the griddle. In the morning these get popped into the toaster oven for a quick breakfast.

Lunch is done in the same manner. Whoever makes the sandwiches, or whatever is being had, does it 6 times instead of just one. Water bottles and snacks can be handled in the same fashion and believe me it makes life so much easier.

Tonight I'm trying a new chickpea recipe. If its a hit I'll share it tomorrow.


kleo2 said...

You're good! Quick, creative and talented. Nice to have recipes to help guide you but you gotta do the work... Having kids is such a challenge, i love how you "deal" ... inspiring, truly!

Katie said...

Thank you!