Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round

Todays the day the kids go back to school. Their book bags (2 from freecycle, 1 thrift store, 1 birthday present) are loaded with school supplies (bought on sale with items like scissors, pencil boxes and calculators saved from the year before) and lunches (packed in washable cloth bags bought in a lot of 12 the beginning of last school year).

Tonight they'll return from school with yet another list of supplies they need but before we go out we'll check out the stash of school supplies I already have. If what I have is functional but not fashionable, they are welcome to spend their own money on folders (or whatever school supply it might be) with cute fuzzy, wuzzy animals themselves.


kleo2 said...

Fuzzy wuzzy animals :o)

Harmonia said...

So, how are the kids liking being back to school?

Anonymous said...

my dd went to school with her thrift store hello kitty bag she loves , her thrift store strawberry lunch bag, and here her school board furnishes all supplies and yes its canadian public catholic school...i didnt buy anything new for her , no clothes or anything save for a box of ziplocs the teacher asked for..