Monday, September 18, 2006

Results of the Tag Sale & Other Weekend Activites

I'm feeling much better. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes.

The tag sale went pretty well. We got rid of a lot of big bulky stuff. People who came tended to buy quite a few things at a time. I think the way we grouped things together helped with this. I've already freecycled some of the leftovers.

We did yard work yesterday when it was slow, which was often. We stacked wood, weeded the flowers and trimmed the hedges. Everyone pitched in. We had music playing which helped immensely.

Jim had good results when he called the metal salvage place. They'll take the dryer and the old bike frames and they'll pay 2 1/2 cents per pound. I don't think we'll be buying dinner with the proceeds but it sure beats paying to have it taken away! He'll be taking them over on Wednesday.

I made Cindy O's "Chicken" and Rice Soup for the Soul on Friday as planned but I tinkered with the recipe a bit and it was really delicious. The recipe calls for mixing equal amounts of vital wheat gluten and water together to make the "chicken". They should pick up the flavor from the broth they cook in. I'd found them to be a little bland in the past so I added a little vegtable broth powder and 2 Tbs of tamari (FYI, I quadruple this recipe so in the grand scheme of things its a tiny amount of tamari.) We also had a lot of tomatoes in the house so I added a few chopped tomatoes to the soup portion of the recipe. These few changes made a pretty good recipe into an unbelievable recipe.

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kleo2 said...

So good to hear the sale went well and you were able to get rid of the other bulky items!

Lookin' to see what else you'll have cookin' this week, FVM!!