Friday, September 22, 2006

Just Chuck It In

Dinner tonight is a mix of the leftovers from the entire week tossed in the slow cooker. There's a bit of whole wheat couscous, Monday night's red lentil concoction, last night's chunky vegetable pasta sauce, some baked TVP, a few extra tomatoes that I chopped in. In a few moments I'm going to add in the Mac Uncheese that went horribly wrong (the pasta got tossed in before the uncheese sauce was ahisked together) to it. My plan is add some Cajun seasoning to it before serving but that will depend on the taste.

Clearing out the fridge clears the way for my foray into bulk cooking!


Soledad said...

Do fill us in on how the bulk cooking thing goes as I am going to try some of it myself next week I think.

margaret said...


How do you bake TVP? Does this improve the taste? The few times I have used TVP, following a receipe, it was pretty tastless and, well, not too good. I would like to be able to use it more often. Thanks.