Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Breakfasts, Snacks and What I'm Reading

Last night, after driving home from the Adirondacks, I made four loaves of pumpkin bread to use as breakfasts for the week. Then I left the house to teach a class. When I returned, one loaf was almost gone. This my friends is why nothing lasts in our house. Someone is always hungry and whatever I've baked for breakfast makes a convenient snack as well.

Actually, I don't really mind. I'd rather have them eat something healthy than junk food. Although they'd have to go to someone elses house to find the junk food, so maybe that's not a bad idea either!

On today's agenda, baking some whole wheat bread, possibly baking some cinnamon bread and making some hearty soup for dinner. (Its snowing like crazy here and we've all got stuffy noses.) School has already been canceled for my kids, so I have some helpers. We might even get to make the pretzels my kids keep asking about. The bonus of all this cooking is it helps keeps the house nice and toasty.

We're really sticking to only using the woodstove for heat (except when we're away). We have a little more than a $600 credit balance with the oil company (we use the budget plan) and our oil tank is currently 3/4 full. We're aiming for a refund at the end of the season.

In the mania of the holidays, my pantry inventory sheets weren't really used and need to be updated. Unfortunately, same goes for the freezer. I'm hoping to get to it later this week.

I'm reading Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez. Its very interesting so far.

Thanks to Ruthie and Shaunta, I've really gotten into Path to Freedoms's website

BTW, in the category of things I'm not thrilled with, what happened to Budget Living Magazine? Gone are the cool do it yourself projects and instead there are "bargain" $89 jeans. My renewal was only $5 last time and boy am I glad.

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Harmonia said...

I haven't gotten that magazine in over a year...good to know...thanks for the info.

Happy New Year!