Monday, January 23, 2006

Trash or Treasure?

Its snowing in NY! The kids have no school and are all still snuggled in bed, except for one son who's upstairs attemping to pour me some coffee. The dog is nestled under my desk by my feet. Sometimes the simple things in life just make me smile.

Yesterday we spent a great deal of time cleaning and organizing. Its amazing how quickly messes grow! Our house tends to be the last resting place of unwanted goods before they are donated or thrown out. Family and friends alike, often give us things to see if we can use them. We've gotten some gems this way; housewares, furniture, clothing, and toys. We've also wound up with things that aren't useful to us like housewares, furniture, clothing and toys. Notice how the list is the same?

Amy Dacyzyn discusses this in The Complete Tightwad Gazette. To summarize her thoughts, you never know what treasures might come your way but you have to show that you are open to hand me downs and that might mean taking some junk along the way. Honestly, some of the things we love the most have been deemed "junk" by the givers. Our personal challenge is to go through these treasures in a more timely fashion.

To keep down on clutter and increase the likelihood that things actually make it to the donation spot, I've begun putting any bags of items to be donated on the front seat of my car. I see them, they bug me and I keep an eye out for a drop off bin in my travels. Gas is too expensive to make special trips. Freecycling or ecycling is another great option.

On the menu tonight, Peanut Soup (check the archives Wednesday, November 30, 2005)with black eyed peas and greens. I'll also be making some Overnight Apple Butter (check the archives Tuesday, October 11, 2005) for tomorrow morning. I'll be starting out with the apple sauce I canned in the fall.

To start with apple sauce, just pour it in your crock pot, rinse the jar out with a little water and pour that in too. Add the cinnamon and nutmeg and let it cook until it thickens. If you don't have a crock pot you can just cook it on the stove with very low heat.


Harmonia said...

Peanut Soup!? I'll have to try that! I will also be posting two soups later today!

Thanks for the tip on the Cream cheese, I responded in comments...I did get the right kind! YAY!

SDGvegan said...

Hey, saw your link at harmonia's site and I thought I would check it out. I make something called peanut stew. Your's sounds delicious :)

Chessie said...


Sorry, I'm new to this, but how do I get to the archives? I'm dying to make apple butter from applesauce!


Katie said...

Hi Harmonia,

Don't you just get sick of being a food dtective sometimes? Glad the cream cheese worked out.

Hi sdgvegan,
Welcome. Why don't you share your peanut stew recipe?

Hi Chessie,
The archives are listed by month and year on the left side of the main page, just below the blog description. Click on the month of the post you're looking for. The posts from that month will appear on the right. Just scroll down to the date you're looking for.