Friday, January 27, 2006

I Still Don't Know What I'm Cooking for Lunch!

I've gotten down to the wire and I'm still not entirely sure what I'm cooking this weekend. Our crowd has dwindled a bit, it looks like we'll be having only two guests. The upside is its easier to cook for only two extra people. I was leaning toward chili with cornbread for Saturday's lunch, although I hate to serve two saucy meals in a row. Perhaps I'll go with Red Beans and rice instead.

I don't have to worry about lunch for guests on Sunday as they'll be leaving after breakfast. (Darn jobs getting in the way of the grownups having fun!)

If you're looking for frugal cooking ideas, go to the library and check out some wartime or early American cookbooks. I've already mentioned Grandma's Wartime Kitchen, but there are many others. Two nights ago I tried a recipe for Hot Water Cake from The Early American Cookbook by Hyla O'Connor. It was delicious and the ingredients couldn't have been simpler.

True the recipes aren't vegan and you'll have to do a bit of experimenting as you replace ingredients but these recipes seem to lend themselves to tinkering. Its also a real eye opener to see how people were able to make do in times of want without feeling deprived. I may try some of these this weekend.

There will be no posts this weekend but Monday morning I'll be back. Have a great weekend!

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