Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Menus in Review

We had a great weekend snow tubing and hanging out with my sister and her boyfriend. My lack of lunch plans made no difference at all because we ended up eating a big brunch both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday we had the tofu bacon, donut batter rolled out and filled with applesauce and cinnamon, toast, strawberry banana smoothie, orange juice and coffee. Nobody was hungry again until dinner which was quite the huge spread. We had pasta with sauce and tvp, cream of potato onion soup, bread and margarine, molasses cookies and an apple crisp like concoction that made use of the apple sauce that I opened but couldn't find a canning ring to close.

Sunday morning I made another batch of the tofu bacon, potato scramble which I added a little kale to for color, donut batter filled with homemade strawberry jelly and rolled up into a jelly roll, toast, orange juice and coffee.

We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the drive home, knowing dinner would be a little late Sunday night. Dinner last night was mystery soup. I dumped several containers of leftovers from the freezer into the pot along with some onions and garlic and hoped for the best while the leftover pasta heated in the oven. I made some quick drop biscuits with dill and onion powder to go along with it. I played around with the seasonings in the soup and dinner was pretty good. Whew!


Ruthie said...

Katie, sounds like everyone was in 7th heaven!! :) Can I go with you next time? Or maybe you can just send me some of that jelly-doughnut-roll.

I made the same thing as you for dinner last night: A big container of pureed veggies, a 28 oz can of tomatoes, 6 cups of leftover shouldabeenhummus chickpeas that got a little burnt in the slow cooker, 5 cups of leftover barley, a whole bag of frozen mixed veggies, a little leftover this, a little leftover that, etc, etc, and some really yummy spices, and we got not only delicious soup for dinner, but three extra quarts(!!) of delicious soup for lunches and quick noonewantstocook dinner! :)

Thanks for the tip about pureeing the vegs for soup: I did it to some bok choy. I don't think that husband could have tolerated in any other form (too fiberous). :)

BTW: I am joining the CSA this year! They're letting us sign up for 1/2 season since we're moving. Their website it . We're just getting the veggies, no turkey or eggs of course! :) I'm SO excited! All thanks to you! Thank you thank you!

sadie said...

This sounds like a wonderful weekend with fantastic food! I made the tofu bacon this weekend and I like it! I think it will be great in BLT's!! I froze some of the red lentil loaf but I haven't thawed and eaten any yet. I wrapped it carefully and put the portions in plastic containers so it should be fine.
Last night for supper I made a big curry stir fry complete with portobella mushrooms on brown rice. I asked my sweet pea if he could live without meat. He said no. I love him still.:)

Katie said...

Ruthie, you could come with us anytime! Your soup sounds yummy and darn convenient for future uses.

I'm glad the pureeing works for Russell. You're going to love the CSA. Aside from the veggies they just attract the most amazing people.


Glad you liked the tofu bacon, it is really good in BLTs. Keep me posted when the thawing of the red lentil loaf occurs. I'm curious. As for your sweetpea not being able to live without meat, as long as he's respectful of your choices then he's ok in my book.