Monday, January 16, 2006

Gardening & Cooking

Its freezing in NY! I kept warm yesterday by watching the first of the Square Foot Gardening videos by Mel Bartholomew. I am really excited about giving his system a try. He relies on 4 foot by 4 foot raised beds. The beds are then further divided into 1 foot by 1 foot squares. Each of these squares contains one type of veggie. This fits in nicely with our plans to gradually create a garden at the cabin.

He saves his extra seeds by placing them in a glass jar in the fridge and claims they will last 5-10 years using this method. Can you get any more frugal than that? Now I just need to scrounge some boards to make the sides of my raised bed...

I've also been experimenting with the a cookbook from the 70's called New Penny Pincher's Cookbook by Sophie Leavitt. I made oatmeal pie last night and actually it was pretty good, a sort of low budget pecan pie. I'll share some of my more successful experiments over the next few days.


Ruthie said...

Katie, I LOVE Sq Foot Gardening. That book is what got me into gardening in the first place, it was so simple, yet so complete. :)

Hope the kids got back to school in one peice with all that snow. It's been in the high 70s here, we're still wearing shorts and sandals!


Katie said...

I agree, it seems brilliantly simple.

I'm so jealous of your shorts and sandals! My kids are all hoping for an early dismissal due to ice and snow this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Katie, I have occasionally thought about Sophie Leavitt's Penny Pinchers Cookbook which I had bought back in the 1970's when my ex-husband and I lived in Ozark, AL when he was going to school to get his Aircraft Machanics/A & P License. I have only a few ripped out pages and have often thought I'd like to buy a new copy, but this is no longer printed (the handbook side, black with yellow lettering on the cover) and when I saw your name listing it, I actually cried!

I have been wanting to find this as there were a few recipe's I had made that actually tasted pretty good.


Katie said...

Why don't you give ebay a try? I just did a search by the title and came up with a copy. Good luck!